Mallorca is an island full of beautiful white sand beaches, around which many of the resorts have been built, where every summer thousands of people stay on holiday in Mallorca. Still, of the 202 beaches of Mallorca, 65 are preserved in their natural state, some easily accessible and more hidden, which can only be reached by foot or by sea.

One of the advantages of being an island, which must be taken into account when going to the beach in Mallorca, is that when the wind blows from the north, the beaches of the North Slope have rough seas, while the southern no.

Before bathing is important to check the status of the sea, and follow the directions of the flags are in the majority of beaches in Mallorca, the green color indicates that there is no danger, the yellow has to be cautious and red, which in any case we can throw into the water, due to bad sea conditions.